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  • At the moment the front end is off the car as I'm changing the radiator mounting, upgrading the hoses and a few other minor projects. It should be back together in a week or so. So let me know when you're going to have some time on your hands.
    I am actully flying down there tomorrow, but will be pretty tied up with meetings and driving over to Tampa and back. I would love to see what your working on next time I am in town. My nights are mostly free since I am just there for work.

    I figured that was probaby you. I am living up in West Chicago now, but am down in CFL all the time for work. I drive an '04 cobra and still have my '67 Mustang vert. Hope to get back south were I can enjoy my cars year round. I do remember your car looked very nice. I have always loved GT40s and I am pretty sure yours is the first one I got to see up close.

    All the best!!

    Pat, just out of curiocity, did you ever take your car to the Winter Garden Sat Night cruise in? I lived in Winter Garden from '04-'12 and remember seeing a blue GT40 there and talking with the owner breifly.

    Anyway.. very nice car either way.

    I know you are still at the planning stage but once you have some dates for your trip to the UK please let me know. Will you be here for a bit longer than just Goodwood Revival?
    Dave M
    Hi Simon,

    I have the monococque #4. That's based on the VIN. However the chalk assembly marks on my components refer to it as "car 5".
    Hope that helps,
    Hi Veek, Simon in Canada here...
    I couldn't help noticing you've referred to your car as No. 4. Do you have the monococque or the tube -frame CAV? If the tube, how did you interpret the chassis no. to determine "which no." car you have?

    All that came with my car was an owners manual. It was in hard copy and not electronic form. It also is protected by copyright so I would suggest you get a copy from CAV. My experience with them has been great.
    Please?just Send Me The Build Manual?it Will Help Me?or The Assembly Guide?or That Information That Were In The Packeges Of Your Kit Car.
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