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    Classic Le Mans 2018

    Few snaps for you Ian :) Videos 076 - YouTube 072 - YouTube 070 - YouTube
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    Happy 4th July

    Hey I hear today’s a big day over the other side of the pond. To all our American friends on this site, have a great day! Ian
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    A different iteration of the GT40?

    Would this ever be considered on the GT? The question would be ....... Why?? Ian
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    Another of the Greats Gone - RIP Dan Gurney

    Racing pioneer Dan Gurney dead from pneumonia complications - NBC News RIP Dan Gurney Ian
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    Just surfing and this came up

    First GT40 Tested Developed and Raced - YouTube Ian
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    Unred Post Flags

    Unread Post Flags Normally when I enter the site any areas that have unread pots show up with the car headlight turned on. Currently most are on and some have not had postings since about 21 July. Any one else having this problem today? If so how did you fix it? Thanks IAn