Happy 4th July

Robert S.

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Hey I hear today’s a big day over the other side of the pond.

To all our American friends on this site, have a great day!

Thank you so much Ian. You've always been a great forum member, and good friend. It was very thoughtful of you to wish our country well. :thumbsup:


Larry L.

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Thanks, Ian.

The Mrs and I spent the day attending a car show that a neighboring town holds every 4th. 'H-U-G-E turnout again this year. Even the WEATHER was great!

'Only 'downer'? Not even so much as one GT40 anywhere to be seen. 'Lots of other great machinery on display though...

Larry L.

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A funny meme seen on Facebook today...

LOL! To paraphrase Larry the Cable Guy, "I don't car WHO y'are - 'at thar's FUNNY right thar!"

Media reports over here claim Her Majesty hasn't been feeling too well of late. 'Praying THAT situation will be short-lived.