1. soulcoaxer

    Condom Protection . . .

  2. Howard Jones

    RC airplane crosses Atlantic

    I had no idea! Model Plane Flies the Atlantic | Science News for Students
  3. S

    WEBER 48 IDA'S Help needed

    Hi All I have a 351w engine bored and stroked to 390 cu in with ported Allen Root heads (1.95 inlet/1.65 exhaust). Camshaft is a 290 deg Competition Cam, pistons TRW Forged with a 11.5 to 1 compression ratio. It is currently running 480hp on a 4 barrel Holley. I am planning a Weber 48 IDA...
  4. V

    Spinning Ball Joint

    I've recently replaced my steering tie rod end ball joints and during reassembly they seem to spin before I get to the recommended 65ft/lb torque setting. A fellow in my car club suggested spraying a little paint on the taper and that would "stick it" allowing the full torque. Another suggested...
  5. D

    Spare Mirrors

    If anyone needs a set of side mirrors as supplied with the SLC kit, I have a set available that I didn't use (I adapted Corvette mirrors to my car). I have no idea what they're worth; If you need a set, for a reasonable price they're yours.
  6. bune

    digital Speedometer

    My plan was to use a mechanical speedometer and cable from the ZF 25-2 transaxle . I wonder if there are senders to connect on the ZF ? and use a digital speedometer. I have to use a speedometer with km not mph, the authorities require this. Someone out there with a good idea ? Rune