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  • I did not get a diagram from him I found it on gt40 SAE papers, so I will send hi a message and ask . And I have painted my Mono and have been delayeid some due to that the norwegian autority want to see my project because the regulations are about to be changed so it is easier to build a car at home , I'll update You later
    Regards Rune
    Hi Bune,
    Sorry; I didn't use a wiring harness from Andrew. We started with a harness from Fran in Michigan and then ended up building 90% of it over- we just used the fuse box from him. I do not have a wiring diagram for what we did, although it all works fine and is all protected by fuses and breakers. Doesn't Andrew have a better copy of the wiring schematic?

    Hello Bune,
    do you still have the uprights for sale,
    and are they aluminum ?
    if so, how do you want to get paid and how can you send to the Netherlands ?
    Wilfried Bauermann.
    I read a long time a go that you were building a gt40 off original drawings. I was wondering if you would know someone in the US that can help me. I want to build a gt40 chassis for myself. I have pictures of a gt40 chassis that is being put together but I feel i can't ask this man for any more information as he has put his neck on the line just for giving me what he already has.

    Also can you please send me some pictures of the chassis build? I can use all the references that I can get. Don't worry I am young enough to get this finished before I hit the grave. LOL

    Any help would be great.

    ciao Bune,
    sorry i didnt answer u but cant see notifications in the other forum skin I use (old gulf color).
    About f355:
    I will try ask around the precise model of that alternator used on such ferrari serie.
    Usually they are Fiat /lancia group and probably we can find a goon one for a fair price (not original ferrari, but on components they dont use special ones..surely.
    If I found something interested I will contact u.

    Hi Thanks for the answer. I'm offshore in the north sea on job for the moment.
    Bune: I responded to your question concerning the timing set I pictured, however I received an error message that it wasn't sent. Maybe it did and, then, maybe it didn't. Just to make sure, the timing set pictured can be purchased from Ford Racing's Parts catalog. Part number for the Hy-Vo timing set is M-6268-G302. Ford recommends using their hardened cam thrust plate with it, # M-6269-A351.

    I hope this e-mail gets through to you. Good luck with your build.

    Tom Monroe
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