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    Time critical: width of GTR for trailer clearance

    Hello all, I'm finally picking up my GTR after 3.5yrs. Out preparing the trailer and realizing I only have 77inches between fenders of enclosed trailer. I know the GTR is listed at 80inches which is 8 inches wider than my Mustang or Porsches. Anyone bring one home in their enclosed race...
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    RCR Seats Mounting Seat Belts

    Hello, I have read a few written descriptions, have not yet found any good images, so thought I would ask. For an RCR GT, in particular on the passenger seat, how have you run the seat belts. The issue that I am seeing is that the holes that a seat belt bolt goes into are like 15.5 inches...
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    Driver seat location

    Hello I am contemplating the location for the drivers seat. The seats are 17 inches wide. The distance in the well on the drivers side is 19.5 inches and the passenger is 17.5 inches. Passenger is easy, just center it. On the drivers side should the seat be something like a half inch inside...