Driver seat location


I am contemplating the location for the drivers seat. The seats are 17 inches wide. The distance in the well on the drivers side is 19.5 inches and the passenger is 17.5 inches. Passenger is easy, just center it. On the drivers side should the seat be something like a half inch inside the fuel tank so that you have a couple of inches in the center for the shifter and any console potential. If you do that, there’s a slight offset for the seatbelt mounts. The picture shows the seat pushed to the outside, and if I am figuring things out right the hole in the center of the picture is one of the seat belt mounts. (It is backed by a thick aluminum block on the back).

I think it has been pretty commonly mentioned in some threads to have a square 1 inch tube behind the seat to provide some space for the belts. That seems to then either lean the seat slightly forward or maybe one brings it in the same amount on the bottom rear. Any thoughts along those lines also are appreciated.



RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
Mitch are you building a RCR?

I'm interested in seat location.

Yep, it is an RCR. I don't have the seat location yet, which is the reason for this question. I wanted to understand that side to side before I start figuring out the front to back. I am really hoping that someone has some thoughts.
Being quite tall at 6'5.5" I will most likely set my seat to the rib itself. I am more concerned about the pedal set being overly to the right - off set. Interested in all placements - especially so for extra tall occupants!


Hopefully someone chimes in with some experience. I do remember reading in Chuck and Ryan's book that they had centered the pedals between the rails. There were words something like 6.5 inches from each side. I don't think a front to back location was given, as that would be more for the height (of the pedals), but they did have an adjustable base as one (I think Ryan) was taller. There were some words like "having the pedals there sufficed to let the larger footed person have enough room for the gas pedal side.