1. M

    Adding the Clutch Pressure Switch to the Wiring

    I am wondering how do you add the clutch pressure switch to the Infinity Wiring? I saw no mention of it in the information sent with the Infinity kit.
  2. C

    Infinity system from SLC

    I have an infinity wiring system from my slc I decided not to use. It’s complete apart from a key fob which I’ll be receiving once they’re back in stock, so I’ll send this to the buyer once available. Price is $1100 OBO, I’m located in La Mesa, CA.
  3. K

    wire harness alternative

    not able to get infinity harness evidently they are not available for slc does anybody know what can be used instead?
  4. D

    SLC - Flasher Wiring

    Looks like a switch needs to be added if you want 4 way flashers. I've checked the wiki and manual but don't see anything on that. Anybody have a diagram for that? There is a lead on the Infinity Box harness. So can i just use a simple spst switch with one lead to to the switch and the...
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    Infinity Box or Relays

    Hey folks, I would like someone to set me straight about using the Infinity Box Multiplex system. When using Infinity Box is there a actual need for relays? Blessings, Charlie