wire harness alternative


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Ron Francis wiring, American Autowire, Painless Wiring, EZ Wiring all make harnesses that would work in a SLC.
Buy the powercells/master cells from Jay (InfinityBox) directly and "build" your own wiring harness (i.e., route it and crimp on your own ends)
Thanks for all the info been waiting on infinity since June still on back order but he hasn't e mailed back for couple months. I located one I can buy. I'm building slc Ls3 525 with graziano .thanks again !
Coming from an aircraft background, I'm hooked on doing my own wiring, connectors, PTT lamps, and using acft circuit breakers (no fuses to burnout). If you're up to the task, order a few spools of different gauge aircraft "Tefzel" wire from places like Aircraft Spruce, and get started. The crimper$ can get expensive, but you can sell it off when you're done on eBay for the same or close to what you paid. Looks a lot more professional, is heat-resistant, and much better quality strands/insulation, IMO.
Some point after March I am removing my infinity system. If you can wait I’ll let it go cheap. Also have the remote programmer for it.
This one has me on a fence. I have been wiring cars for over 40 years but have always done discrete or modified oem type systems. My first wiring job was my brothers 56 Chevy when I was 13. Before I was a mechanic or fabricator or engineer I was wiring cars. My last was a modified oem in a hot rod that came out awesome. The infinity system and it's CAN bus is intriguing to me and I almost want it just to do something different and learn something new. I have also been looking at some of the add ons and am coming up with some ideas for a slick modern system. While I have already paid for my system, the wait is killing me. As I see folks walking away, it is getting me thinking of alternatives. But in the end I want integrated security, one button start and the ability to use touch and momentary switches to latch circuits to simplify my interior so infinity is the best to get me all of that. Guess I need to think this through

Earl Mitchell

Dont want to discourage anyone but I ordered my kit in july 2016 and didnt pickup car til febuary 2017 and still have not received my wiring from Jay (owner of Infinity box) Vicky at RCR has been great she copies me on every email she sends him and ive heard the two week thing for months and months.So I guess it depends on when you ordered your kit vs my date as to what to expect,again RCR has been very good about this but I cant wait any longer and have asked for a credit from RCR.
Good points: Neat, clean, well made, easy to hookup in a 'standard' car.

Bad points: You can't program the system yourself (they can do it remote and you can load if you have the programmer); Significant draw on the battery when car is off (you will need a real off switch or a trickle charger); Doing anything other than a standard car will mean involving the company or building a bastardized system.

If your car is more track oriented, you probably will be happier with a typcial hot-rod or race car setup.

I personally am using Davies Criag controller for water pump/fans, Megasquirt for engine, three fuel pumps and a bazillion sensors, Racepack IQ3 dash plus some dedicated gauges, My own wireless wheel (with about a dozen buttons). So wiring for me has become wiring around the Infinity system.

But don't think that the Infinity system isn't good - it is.