1. Callaghan

    Throttle cable length

    Stock Superformance throttle cable length is 121" Sleeve length with threaded ends is 104" Peddle box end is a clovis type cable is 1/16" thick I looked everywhere for these measurements and couldn't find them so here they are for posterity... Don't be stupid like me and keep...
  2. Callaghan

    Fire supression

    Not really sure where to put this post so I'm guessing here... Did a little (very little)forum search and the most recent thread (I found) on fire systems was 2007.(I will keep digging) I'd love to hear an opinion/tips/knowledge/experiences on Fire Suppression set ups. I intend on installing...
  3. C

    Door Actuator

    Hello folks, Does anyone have a drawing for the size and location of the opening for installing a vertical electric door actuator for the SL-C car? Thanks for your time.
  4. I

    LS3 Plug Connection Reference Information

    LS3 - Picture reference for connections - LS1TECH - Camaro and Firebird Forum Discussion My brother who is installing the same 525hp LS3 in his C3 as I am in my SLC sent me this. Figured it'd be worth sharing to anyone else unfamilar with the LS3 or is new (like me) to installing an engine...