Throttle cable length


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Stock Superformance throttle cable length is 121"
Sleeve length with threaded ends is 104"
Peddle box end is a clovis type
cable is 1/16" thick

I looked everywhere for these measurements and couldn't find them so here they are for posterity...

Don't be stupid like me and keep installing SPF cables :furious:.... Get a Pegasus or some other proper racing cable :idea:

That way you don't have to spend Fathers day on a flatbed truck :sad:

Randy V

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Thank you for taking the time to share this.
It’s members like you and information like this that makes such a great resource!
Probably too late now, but most large motorcycle repair shops can make you a stronger/heavy-duty cable with all the fixings while you wait. They make them all the time for clutch and throttles....... S
Mcmaster-Carr sells them in different strand-count and flexibility. If you're ever in a pinch on the road, most bike shops carry the heavy-duty brake cables for tandem (road) bikes so they run about 120" in length. Same diameter we use in our housings and usually 80-100lb test. I carry a spare but it would be major bitch to replace out in the field with the tightly spaced fuel rails on my stack injection.

For periodic/preventative maintenance, buy the motorcycle cable lubers to force the cable lube down the full length of the housing. The cable is less likely to break if it moves freely...


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SP2282. I had my throttle cable snapped on the road. Looks like the end broke off. I spliced a little extension on it and am limping along.

Separately, throttle return spring failed. Upon dissecting the pedal throttle assembly the geometry on the 'rod' connecting the pedal to the piece that pulls the throttle cable (not sure what call it) doesn't look good. The way it is bolt on is very 'binding' and the throttle return spring doesn't have the pull to retract the pedal (petal is super stiff. Upon inspection, the swivel bearings in the rod ends are very stiff. I can barely move them.

I'd love to have some pictures of other SP petal set ups to see if they are different than mine...mine just doesn't seem right, but I can't pop over to my neighbors to see what his looks like:)

Howard Jones

California Push-Pull will make anything, any size, the best and strongest quality with the highest heat tolerance and at any length for a very competitive price. They also will assign a part number to your custom cable so you can reorder without a new drawing or sending them a sample. I have had them made for the gearbox on my SLC as well as the throttle cables for both my SLC and GT40.

I can't recommend them more.

On another mid engine project I did a few years back, I ran 3/16 brake lines. Hard for the long straight to an3 to double flair fitting and AN3 teflon lined flex lines. Then just plain 1/16" 304stainless Aircraft cable. Works great. A little 0W10 or something light for a lube and it's good.

300' for $30

This is the plan for my GT40