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    Back in the fold

    After many years without a GT40, I am now the new proud owner of Rob Broomfield's GTD. It’s got a lowered floor which gives plenty of room inside. The gearchange needs some fettling and the pedals are in completely the wrong position for me, but it’s quite a car! The tuned 351C sounds like a...
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    Hello from Orange County, CA

    Hello all, New guy here. So when I told my boss that I was retiring back in 2013, he didn’t believe me. So I sold my BMW M6 and bought a motorhome. He believed me then, lol. So I’ve been driving an Airstream Interstate as a daily driver for 5 years now and, I must say, I miss having a fun, fast...
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    Steering Question

    I connected my steering linkages tonight and for some reason I can turn way right and barely left. I have the tie rod ends as far as they can go in on the right side and out on the left side, but it doesn’t help. It seems as if it’s somehow too far right. I used the rack that I...
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    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    I’ve been looking forward to starting this thread for years and it’s finally here! This first post will be long winded, but gives some background on how my whole SLC build came about. Building a car has been a childhood dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Back when I was a kid, it...