1. K

    Fiberglass stress cracking

    Took the car out last weekend for a quick run. When I got back I noticed a 14" long crack in the hood - directly above the latch on the drivers side. It has sheared clean thru. Stress?
  2. C

    FS USA Bonnet Latch Assembly

    Hood or Bonnet Latch Assembly. New, never used. $50, plus CONUS shipping from Colorado Info These trunk or hood latch assemblies allow you to use an OEM-type assembly on your car. Most people would mount the female latch in the body and the male pin on the trunk or hood. Male pin can be...
  3. M

    Side Windows / Latches, need help

    OK, need some thoughts on the side windows in the door and installation of the latches. I looked and found some similar latches, but could not find a picture that clearly showed things, nor a template of sorts for the install location. The picture that is either attached to this post, or in a...
  4. Big-Foot

    Catch me if you can - Door Latches & Strikers...

    Sorry about the attempt to be smart.. If you've followed along with some of the other threads I've posted, you'll know that I wanted to do something different / special with the doors on my GT40. I wanted to implement some sort of system that would make the doors a bit more safer, solid and...