1. Joystick

    Graz KBA oil

    I’m sure I’ve seen a thread regarding type of oil for the Graziano but I can’t find it. Can anyone help me? Preferably Red Line.
  2. C

    FS USA SAS Pure Air 2000 Respirator System

    I have a spare, new-in-box Pure-Air 2000 Opti-Fit breathing air system that was never used. SAS Pure Air 2000 With Opti-Fit Respirators The SAS Pure Air 2000 With Opti-Fit Respirator is a unique respiratory protection system that utilizes a single air line to provide clean, filtered Grade...
  3. N

    Radiator Vent Line

    I am working on installing my cooling system. I installed the radiator and I’m now adding the coolant tubes. Doing some research on this site, I now know that I need an expansion tank and an overflow tank. I’m planning on using a coyote motor (no disparaging comments please) and I don’t...
  4. F

    3D Printing Aluminum Parts

    OK, well not really. But here is what is possible using your 3D printed parts to do 'lost wax' style casting. These parts are for the cooling system on my 1UZ engine. The factory fittings left a lot to be desired for my application. Two of the fittings with sprue and vents. The plastic cup...
  5. ferrari328gt

    Member Name

    In keeping with the administrator's request to eliminate all "handles", how can I change my member name, and the line below my name in a post. Thanks.
  6. D

    Newbie here

    Hi everyone, well it finally has happened, ever since I had my first glance of the GT40 as a teen I was hooked and swore one day I would build one. At age 17 I already was into Mustangs and had a 1970 Fastback that I resto-modded, along many others. Since then I have been dreaming about it and...
  7. J

    Oil/Coolant Temp Sensor

    I'm trying to plumb the oil temp sensor of a SPF into my oil line. The coolant and oil temp sensors are mechanical. Looks like the coolant temp sensor will plug into a boss on the intake manifold so that should be solved (yet to try it). I was planning on putting in a -12AN T fitting into the...
  8. kcoffield

    SLC Wiki

    Anyone have the link to the SLC Wiki handy and could post it by reply? All my old links are dead and when I search the subject line of this thread, I get a mind numbing number of hits but no joy. Best, Kelly
  9. M

    UK Registration, "As New"

    Just thinking ahead here... The UK DVLA states that for a reconditioned part (in my case the engine) "you can show that the part has been reconditioned to an ‘as new’ standard, in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines". I've just bought a 302, but it has Aluminium heads and an Edelbrock...