Newbie here

Hi everyone, well it finally has happened, ever since I had my first glance of the GT40 as a teen I was hooked and swore one day I would build one. At age 17 I already was into Mustangs and had a 1970 Fastback that I resto-modded, along many others. Since then I have been dreaming about it and almost gave up but the stars line up just when I least expected.
So I have decided to build a kit provided by GT Forte, selected their "Flat Pak" chassis and body panels.


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Welcome to David!
I’m sure you will find plenty of good information here that will assist you in your build.
Please feel free to open a new thread in the Build Logs so that we can follow along and enjoy your build with you.
They certainly don't make it easy.

My registration process was a nightmare. My kit was purchased used from a Canadian resident in Ontario, who bought it second hand from a guy in British Columbia. He handed over
most of the paperwork, but didn't have the import documents.

The Department of Transportation wouldn't accept my application. I and to track down the original importer through name search and hope he was still alive to mail the papers.

Luckily he still had them after a few years because the Import office didn't have a record.

Let that be a lesson to anyone buying used! Keep those papers under lock and key!