1. P

    Pim from Holland

    Hi all, I am a bit of a strange duck here because i am not building a GT40, although i would love to. I am though building / recreating a car that uses the similar gearbox: ZF 5DS 25, namely a Lancia 037 rally carand i would love to know more about it. Would it be ok for you guys for me...
  2. 9

    Can I see your SLC in SoCal?

    Hello, I own a SPF GT40 and looking to start a new project. I'm very interested in building an SLC but would like to see one in person first. If you have one finished or almost finished and live near Calabasas, CA, I would love to talk to you about it and check it out before I send Fran...
  3. R

    New Guy Here

    Hi. New guy here. I'm trying to find out what a buddy of mine has exactly. He bought a storage unit with a GT40 project car inside. My avatar is from the car. Anyway, I'm a Chevy guy, but LOVE the GT40's and their wins at LeMans.
  4. Callaghan

    Fire supression

    Not really sure where to put this post so I'm guessing here... Did a little (very little)forum search and the most recent thread (I found) on fire systems was 2007.(I will keep digging) I'd love to hear an opinion/tips/knowledge/experiences on Fire Suppression set ups. I intend on installing...
  5. C

    Chicago area SLCs?

    I'm in town visiting this week and thought I'd ping the community to see if there are any builders in the area. If you've got a car and some time I'd love to drop by for a few! Shoot me a PM!
  6. KurtGT

    Its Timeto Go Vintage Racing...

    Gents- I think many of you know I love motorsports racing... And that I've been competing in SCCA Spec Miata for the last few years (a GREAT series, where some of the best drivers in SCCA go to race) But also as you know, my true love is Vintage Race cars/racing... Therefore, the time has come...
  7. J

    New Website

    Love it! Big improvement.
  8. P

    Hello Folks, new guy here

    Hello Folks, My name is Ken Montes and have just purchased my first tribute 40! I purchased it a few weeks ago after finding out the little history about it. It turns out it belonged to a seemingly cool guy on this forum "Faili". The car is back in a great home; as I have built cars since I...
  9. J

    Hi from Louisiana

    My name is John. These past couple months I have discovered the SLC. And I can not get it out of my mind. I am hooked. I would love to see one in person and talk with a builder. Y'all are a special breed and hope to build one some day.