New Website

Glenn M

Very nice! A big well done to Chris and Dave for all their hard work. It really does look superb. :2thumbsup:
Hi To All Members
As previously advertised the Club has contracted a company called
“We are 88” to develop a new Website, this has now gone live and I
attach a letter from the Chairman on this subject.

I take this opportunity to advise & remind everyone that the Club AGM
will take place on 30 April 2017 at 1.00pm, during the Stoneleigh Kit
Car Show, Warwickshire, UK.

David Scaife.
Club & Membership Secretary.

FROM THE CHAIRMAN...............

Dear Members

As committed at last years AGM and progress subsequently reported in Fortyfication, our new web site has been completed and launched 3 weeks ago post testing.

Whilst the build and development has taken longer than we first expected this was in the main due to some of the challenges in delivering automated membership management and safe / secure on line payment .

The new site represents a significant improvement and modernisation for the club and I would like to take this opportunity to thank David Champ, Chris Bailey for their input into the build and their work with 88, the developers.
I would also like to thanks Tim Martin and David Scaife for their work on making sure the membership system and payment systems work correctly, and the rest of the committee for their input into content, style and system testing.

Having now completed testing in live state, we are in a position to invite you all to try the site out for yourselves.

When you enter the site,, The home screen shows all the usual pages you would expect, just in a slightly different layout… so don’t worry, nothing has been taken away, it may have simply moved.

You should start by logging in.
Click on the MEMBERSHIP LOGIN block on the upper right of the screen.
Enter your Email address (the one you registered with the club) or your usual username as per the old site.
Enter your password, and your in !!
Don’t worry if you have forgotten your login, simply click on the “FORGOT PASSWORD” and the site will direct you on how to recover of change your password.
Once logged in, you will be taken to your personal dashboard where you will see when you registered, when you last renewed your membership, and when your next renewal is due. It also shows you all the other information about you that you can fully control from this dashboard.
If you have not yet renewed and want / need to, then you will be re directed from your dashboard to allow you to do this. With the new secure payment process, this can all be done on line… no more cheques and postage!.

Whilst we are delighted with the progress made, we do recognise the need for ongoing development and as such the committee would be very grateful for your feedback and suggestions on what you would like to see improved. Feel free to mail any of the committee.

We will be outlining the next steps for the club and the web site at the AGM next week. I hope you can make it.

Best regards

John Cleland