Hello Folks, new guy here

Ken M.

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Hello Folks,
My name is Ken Montes and have just purchased my first tribute 40! I purchased it a few weeks ago after finding out the little history about it. It turns out it belonged to a seemingly cool guy on this forum "Faili". The car is back in a great home; as I have built cars since I was in 6th grade many moons ago. A GT40 has been one of my dream cars for decades and now I get to hopefully be accepted by this cool group of car nuts!
I am the founder of Phase 5 Weapon Systems Inc. www.phase5wsi.com but love to create things with passion and cars are my true love. I am a TIG welder, CAD designer, Father to 2 lovely girls and strive to be the best boss and employer I can be. I am happy to be able to meet everyone!

Ken M.

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Thank you Mike, Walter!
I have some friends in Orange..
The car I have is a GTD40 registered for the first time in California in 2005 as a special construction. the engine in it now was build by Aaron Johnson of Sonoma California. It is a Super 302 punched out to a 347 with the very best parts and components you can assemble an engine with. Faili from this forum was the guy that put this together originally. He sold it to someone who neglected it and changed some things. But I have been busy fixing the long list of sins and neglect. It is a great car and it has found a great new home! Ill post some pictures so that you all can see it.


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Hi Ken
Funny, I looked at the pictures before reading text and was pretty sure what car I was looking at right away. Faili I did build a beautiful car, sorry to hear it was mistreated, pleased to hear the patient is responding well to treatment.

Looks like the car is in plenty good hands now, enjoy.