1. B

    SBC MacKay Webber manifold w/ Ealry 48 IDA's

    Small block Chevy MacKay aluminum Webber manifold early Italian 48 Ida's carbs gone through, all linkage, complete, no corrosion. excellent condition. came of F5000 car, would be nice on a T70 Located in Bedford Ohio $8500
  2. B

    Weslake Gurney Eagle Ford heads

    I have most of an original Weslake Eagle kit along with all the intake manifold variations. I do not have all of the studs and am missing the rockers ( new ones available from Cushman)and the water return manifolds, these could be fabbed or bought from cushman. This kit was bought out of Gurneys...
  3. R

    Drive Train

    New RBT with 4:11,KEP bellhousing 355 sbc 500hp. Enderly injected. IDA manifold and new webers. Air gap 4 barrel manifold All for SBC . CAV bellhousing for SBF $17,500 for all. I don't see how to attach a picture? Randy
  4. G

    Inlet Manifold.

    Tecalemit and Jackson injection inlet manifold. Genuine 60's piece. In perfect condition. £550. I do have some more pics but need resizing. Parts location NN14
  5. L

    Crower 8 pack intake manifold

    Hi all, I'm new and Factory Five forums suggested I come to this site. Long story short My father used to own a dealership in the bay area in 1994 and I have a whole lot of parts. But the one that has me up at night is the Crower 8 pack intake manifold. I cannot figure out what it goes on...
  6. C

    Gurney Eagle replica valve covers and cold air box

    Gurney Eagle REPLICA valve covers (to fit standard Ford 289/302/351 windsor heads), with cap and fittings. These will clear roller rockers. Also, both styles of cold air boxes. Both fit the single base which is included. Please note, this was fabricated to fit a modern 48 ida manifold, NOT an...
  7. wolodymyr

    Help! Intake manifold not fitting well

    I fitted the intake manifold, but was suspicious of the fit as the lower part of the gasket looked a bit loose, sure enough I can get a feeler gauge in there. Not just in one place, but each cylinder. The top part of the gasket is sealed but not the bottom as though the angle is different. As I...
  8. wolodymyr

    Silicone Y hose to fit 302 Cobra manifold twin outlets?

    I have a 48 IDA inlet manifold with twin water outlets. I was looking for a Y hose to fit, but can only see the cast aluminium pieces on sale in the US. Are there any uk sources for a silicone hose to fit? Dave
  9. M

    FS USA Corvette LS7 Exhaust manifolds

    In my haste to get parts for my SLC build, I ended up with a second set of LS7 Corvette exhaust manifolds (one pair). Manifolds are in very good condition, but they are missing 4 studs (I have 4, they need 8 for the pair). Just looking to get what I bought them for on CorvetteForum: $100...
  10. J

    Teclamit-Jackson Inlet Manifold

    For sale is a period mid-60s T-J inlet manifold to suit Ford V8 289/302 removed from a UK Cobra 289. Please note the 48 IDA Webbers in the photographs are not included in the sale. Please call +44(0)1306628320 or mail [email protected] I'm not sure what they're worth, but a period part...