Weslake Gurney Eagle Ford heads

I have most of an original Weslake Eagle kit along with all the intake manifold variations. I do not have all of the studs and am missing the rockers ( new ones available from Cushman)and the water return manifolds, these could be fabbed or bought from cushman. This kit was bought out of Gurneys shop back in the day in never used. Still in it original wrapping / shipping paper.

1 pair of bare heads. Pair of Valve covers. Rocker shafts, rocker shaft stands, rocker spreader springs. No rockers ( Cushman has new T&D rocker for these)
Valve spring seats and misc shims, rocker adjusting screws, pushrods. Valley cover.
1 pair unmachined slide valve manifolds, have CAD drawing for machining.
1 4 barrel manifold as used on trans am engines.
4 webber carburetor adapters .




Basically need rockers, water manifold and studs, valves and springs to complete.

I have more pictures and would be happy to answer any questions or have some one look these over. they are located in Bedford Ohio. PM me for a phone number please.

asking $12000.00 will consider offers. Thank you Bryan.