1. M

    Penski Shocks

    What pressure do you start with.. I've read 80psi minimum, 300 psi max. Nitrogen or can you use air?
  2. C

    Minimum fuel line size for 347 with EFI

    Just a quick question here - interested in folk's opinion on minimum fuel line size for a mild-ish 347 running 8 stack/multi-port EFI. My current system is plumbed with AN-6 and it just looks a little small to me. Fuel pressure is in the 60psi range with twin pumps and a fuel pressure...
  3. MHNCO

    Barrett Jackson GT40

    Hammered for $153,400 with fees. Have no idea how well it was put together but with the engine and huge Ricardo hanging off the back, it has to be tail heavy as all get out. They had to do some mods to the rear subframe at a minimum to get that to fit in there. Seems an odd thing to do to an SPF...