1. Howard Jones

    SLC Hubs/ race worthy

    I know this has been discussed in the past, so in order to get this info all in one place and into the search function what would be the most current, 4/9/18, BEST and strongest hubs to use on a track use SLC. I need to replace all four corners ASAP. First a few questions: 1. What year and...
  2. M

    3D Model - Reference car near Seattle?

    I'm building a 3d model of the Superlite SLC. Are there any SLC owners near the Seattle area that are up for a reference photo shoot? Or, if you have a 3d model that you made and are willing to share, I'd love to know about it! Here is my early 3d model
  3. H

    Maisto Ford GT90 1/18 diecast improved

    This week I finished the rebuild of a Maisto Ford GT90 model. I have collected a ton of pics from internet and after almost 500 manhours this is what I got: And a video of this model: Maisto Ford GT90 diecast 1/18 improved and rebuilt - YouTube
  4. B

    LEGO Kit (March 2017)

    LEGO has a small kit coming out with a GT40 (1046) and a new GT (#66) as part of their Speed Champion series. It's coming out in March, price will be about $30. Lego Ford GT and Ford GT40 Speed Champions kits news and on sale date If you'd like...