3D Model - Reference car near Seattle?

I'm building a 3d model of the Superlite SLC. Are there any SLC owners near the Seattle area that are up for a reference photo shoot?

Or, if you have a 3d model that you made and are willing to share, I'd love to know about it!

Here is my early 3d model



Mark B.

I'm in Redmond, but unfortunately my car is still in pieces under construction. I'd be happy to help though as we could pop the body pieces on or take pics of the various body panels off the car.
I know there are a couple other guys in Redmond with builds underway, but not sure how far along they are.
Aaron H. I would love a link to a scan of an SLC that already exists.

I'm aware only of the Humster 3d model, which I don't trust as totally accurate. I've compared it against photos and many of the dimensions are wrong on that model. The wheel arches are too thin, the body Kink in the side is not accurate, the side window cut out and rear window are not correct. I would like to build a model that I can trust is accurate down to the cm.


I have 100k in 3d scanning equipment I can use to get there from a real deal car. This would allow me to 3d print items or accessory molds that will "just work" for the SLC, it will also allow me to use CAD for designing internal bracketry and checking clearances on my build.

I know RCR has the original CAD for the molds and for doing the CFD analysis, but I would understand why they wouldn't want those "out in the wild".

I'd love to build a 3d Build configurator with a game resolution mesh for swapping accessories and wheels on the car, just like in Forza.

I've been building console and pc games, and would love to be able to customize my SLC in 3D.
Hey Mason
Interesting thread. I just had a conversation with Hum3D about doing my car for graphic design and application work. I agree some of their models are way off. I didn't know they had an SLC, must have a look at that.

Sending you a PM
The claim of that 3D file is that it was generated off of a real SL-C. I'm sure that someone on the board will let you scan their SL-C. It sure does look like the real deal to me.
I see that the windshield isn't correct on that 3D but the rear window looks close. I do understand that you want to be accurate.


Hi Mason
Im in Bellevue. Mine is also in progress. The body is currently on the car. Your welcome to see if it can be of any benefit towards your goal.
Thanks for the replies! PMs have been sent!

Here's a small analysis image, which demonstrates that the existing hum3d model is not based on 3d scans, and not representative of the subtle beauty of the SLC body.



What software are you using? Im a Autodesk Alias surfacing expert and pretty proficient in polygon modeling in Maya and Modo. let me know if you need any help dialing it in.

When I visited Fran, I'm pretty sure he mentioned they use Alias for the initial models.

I purchased the hum3d model and its definitely off.
Hi Kevin,

I'm using Maya for creation of a polygon model over the scan. I'm heading to visit Hyder on Saturday morning to scan his SLC. I will get scan data aligned, cleaned, and combined next week and take a first pass at a polygon model.

If you want the cleaned up scans I can provide those to you. I have experience doing 3d character modeling and did some vehicle NURBS modeling many years ago. I will post in this thread and would love to get some help from a Class A surfacing pro. I have never done "production surfacing" industrial modeling, but would love to get a silky reflecting model out of this. I'm tempted to do some zebra stripe reflection analysis in Maya to eek out that last bit of realism.
I was able to 3d scan Hyder's car on Saturday. The car has a black gel coat, so the scan came out a bit rough. But it should work for getting a great 3d model to build off of.

After, the rough scan on his black car, I tried using scan spray on my own black car and scanning it. It came out much cleaner.



On the windshield, my understanding is the Lexan windshield is shaped like that model. Can anyone confirm?
The DOT glass windshield has a flat surface in front to facilitate manufacturing. The polycarbonate one has the bubble, possible due to differences in the way it is manufactured.
Hows the modeling going? The scan is a little noisy but should be just fine to get a good surface or poly model from. Ill message you my contact info.
Hello All,

I have an update on my scanning efforts. I've posted Hyder's SLC scan here as well as the start of a base mesh I've created.

Hyder SLC Scan

Hyder Quad Poly Model

So, if anyone wants to take up the reins doing a retopo of the scan above, please share on this thread!

I have a very clean scan of Mesa's SLC, but his body is highly modified AND top secret :lipsrsealed: . SO, I will wait for his car reveal, before I can share any of those scan images.

I may try scanning Hyder's car again, with some powder spray, if he's up for it!
Its been along time since I 3D modeled a full car in polygons. Usually I surface cars with Autodesk Alias so it took some time to get my head wrapped around the workflow using Modo. But after a few attempts and a gazillion tweaks, I'd say its coming out pretty good. Thanks again for posting the scan.
Looks fantastic Kevin! I have a highly finished main shell and door model from another scan, would you like the obj files? Perhaps we can combine what we have.

Here's My Progress:



Man, that looks awesome! I regret not going with that style of wheel, more I see it, the more I like it.