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    Ricardo transaxle for sale

    New unused Ricardo for sale. Comes with custom clutch from Spec built ti handle Trackday use with 1000 hp. Allso a new short throw gear lever. Located in Jessheim, Norway. Will take $13.000,- + shipping. E-mail me at [email protected] for more/better photos.
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    From Norway gratitude:)

    Hi I have been at this forum a while (2006) but never introduced myself. For me it started because I wanted a AC Cobra. So I followed some years when a saw the GT. I knew then I had to get one someday. I live in Norway so both the tax and the rules for replica cars make this...
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    Whar engine to choose: 302 vs Coyote

    Hi, I am planning to do a GT40 build in the near future but am nor sure what engine to choose. Maybe I can get some input from someone here? The choice is between a Ford 302 and a Ford Coyote. Some of my considerations are: - Sound (engine and exhaust), any difference? - Economy, maybe...