Whar engine to choose: 302 vs Coyote

Hi, I am planning to do a GT40 build in the near future but am nor sure what engine to choose. Maybe I can get some input from someone here?

The choice is between a Ford 302 and a Ford Coyote.

Some of my considerations are:

- Sound (engine and exhaust), any difference?
- Economy, maybe better fuel economy from the more modern Coyote engine. (Here in Norway the gas price is $6,5/Gal.)
- In some time we will have Ethanol in the gasoline. Is the more modern Coyote engine better prepared for this?
- Look, the 302 engine will have a more authentic look
- Power, the Coyote engine will have higher power output out of the box, but that is not important for me. Because of the rules here in Norway I have to downtune the engine to get a registration of the car.
- Price, the Coyote is more expensive than the 302
- Weight, almost the same? I read somewhere that the 302 weights 411 pounds and the Coyote weights 422 pounds.

Any other things I should consider before I make my choice?
And is my thoughts in the list correct?


Randy V

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No argument that the Coyote is a fine engine, but for originality and flexibility (fuels), it is hard to argue against the small Windsor powerplant... Also, I believe you'll find that the Windsor engine is smaller dimensionally and will be an easier fit with more exhaust options available etc.

Additionally - the cost of the Coyote over the Windsor would pay for a LOT of fuel.. :)
Partly depends on how interested you are in the proper/authentic look of the engine. For me there wouldn't be any question the 302 as the originals had. Of course you could opt for a bigger small block & still have the same look. For me it just kills it to look under the hood of a beautifully turned out recreation & see a very modern engine. There's a ton of options & "go fast" parts available for the small block Ford. You'd be limited in the Coyote. As for relative cost over there in particular I couldn't guess. But here in the States of course junk yard Ford engines are a dime a dozen. As for gas economy? Ask your self how much you will probably really drive it? But also if you're worried about the cost of the gas. Maybe a GT40 really isn't the car for you? The cost of building it would way out stretch your budget more that the gas to feed it. Just my .02 worth.
Coyote. Fuel injected ITBs turn the key and off you go all day long with good power. Can look great if you do it well.

If you want to look original are you also putting Girling brakes, full steel monocoqie, peroid fuel pumps etc?

Some would say that I am biased though!
Just for a clarification regarding gas economy, this is not a major point, just listed it as a possible difference.
I used a ford modular eng ,predecessor to the coyote.
Best thing I did ,I havent lifted a spanner to it and I have done lots of track miles.

The Coyote is so much better than a Windsor as a day to day engine. At the same power level a coyote will require less maintenance and have much better maners.
A decent inlet and exhaust system on a 2015 coyote will make 550hp.