1. JBurer

    Kevlar Clutch

    Initial run of the dual disc Kevlar clutches is complete and feedback from several who have installed has been excellent. We'd been offering these to Ferrari customers in different configurations for several years - no surprise they work just as well in the Graziano / V-8 configuration! I...
  2. R

    Lola t70 3b coupe

    Selling my project --just do not have the time anymore ---frame 70% maybe even more --c5 suspension --proper glass windshield --call --do not --do not text me or email ---if you are interested you will call -come take a look i live in new jersey ---not in a hurry to sell-----thank you --973...
  3. I

    Mustalgia Fuel Caps

    Hello, I´m looking for fuel caps. Does anyone here have any experience with the ones Mustalgia offer?
  4. O

    LS3 and G50/01 into DRB

    G’day All. I’m now seriously thinking of going with an LS3 into #97. I know it’s sacrilege, so keep the responses kind please.:thumbsup: Just after advice from the few that may have already done so in a DRB and any suggestions they can offer. I will no doubt have many questions in future with...
  5. S

    FS in UK Smiths 200MPH speedo

    This looks like it MAY possibly be NOS but obviously several decades old! PM me an offer on £200 if its of interest Pics here.....Speedo by Simon Winter | Photobucket Simon
  6. M

    FS USA Miata Door Handles

    For the SLC crowd. As used in an SLC. Full set, inside and out with locks (no keys). If you have a use for them, make offer.