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  • Hi There
    I think we were going to meet up at the 2016? Can Am reunion at Laguna Seca, I am looking at buy some carbs and they will not send them without charging customs fees. The value of these is below our charge point so am looking for someone to purchase them and forward them onto me, would you be able to do this thanks.
    Russell Keach
    Total brainfart. I have no idea what made me think of it... but I never sent you that handle. I am sooooooo sorry. I will handle that when I get home Monday.
    Hey Rob, I stumbled across your build log in an SLC thread and now can't find it, it looks like you are pretty close to a driver and I'd love to follow it. Cheers Leon.
    Hello, I noticed you said in another forum that you built a set of "cable actuated adjustable seat slider style pedals". Im part of a Formula SAE team this year and I am designing a pedal box that we want to be adjustable to accommodate different drivers. Both our clutch and throttle are going to be cable actuated and its proving to be a real challenge to design this thing because of that. Our design so far is essentially a crank type mechanism on the pedal that actuates the cables linearly on a rail. Tough to explain without pictures but we are running into some issues and it would be great to see what other people have done. I've found that in most cases seats are adjustable and not the pedals themselves. Where is the build log that you spoke of, i'd love to see a few pictures of what you did.

    Hey Rob,
    looks like I am going to put together a race version SLC
    Going to see Fran after the 25hrs race
    Wondering if we could stop by sometime to meet you & check out your build.
    Ted Harrison - LSMAN
    Quick Racing Products
    Prototype Development Group
    209 470-2979
    [email protected]
    Hey rob,

    Just an FYI: I got an email from Harmon Racing Cells. They say the cell will be done in about a week and shipped to me. They will keep the design just in case fellow SL-C builders want the same. I'll be sure to post photos and critique (good and bad) the results when it arrives.
    hi rob

    howz your build going. You may have read that my dealings with RCR on a TK were a nightmare, all the finishing stuff wasnt included.

    let me know

    This is dwayne chung. Noticed that you got a superlite. I am looking into getting one and would like to check yours out if you have the time.

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