LS3 and G50/01 into DRB

G’day All.
I’m now seriously thinking of going with an LS3 into #97.
I know it’s sacrilege, so keep the responses kind please.:thumbsup:
Just after advice from the few that may have already done so in a DRB and any suggestions they can offer.
I will no doubt have many questions in future with regard to the build and fitting of the transaxle etc.
Helpful advice welcome :2thumbsup:
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Well although ive been a true blue ford fanatic all my life, the LS3 is a no brainer, its light, strong, supermarkets full of go fast goodies, and is with out a doubt the cheapest HP you can buy. just paint it blue and no one would no the difference.
Flatchat makes a great adaptor plate flywheel kit as well.
cheers John
Spend the extra and fit a Coyote. Correct brand for a GT40 and a lot more fun to drive with an ITB setup. The induction noise will make you smile every time you drive it.
Unfortunately Roger, there’s not much other than the bodyshape in our replicas that resembles the original, therefore as far as I’m concerned ‘brand’ isn’t high on the priority list.
The Coyote is a great engine but dimensionally it’s enormous, whereas the LS is near as dammit the same dimensions as the Windsor, therefore making fitment much easier IMO.
You can get ITB for the LS as well.
Not interested in starting a Ford versus Chevy debate just looking at best ‘bang for buck’ setup.
I hear ya Dave !!
I may get a Chevy badge for the front clip like the Boguns do on the back of their commodore utes..:laugh::thumbsup:
If it wasn’t for our ridiculous emission laws then I would put my 347 stroker in the GT40 and be done with it.
That engine is now going into my Mustang that I have decided to finish the restoration on.
Putting a different brand engine in the Muzzy would be a whole different story!!
Roger makes a great ITB set up for the Coyote motor.

But if you ask me, I'd say fit something Italian... ;)
I agree that you can't beat the exhaust note of an Italian engine, but nothing beats the induction noise of an ITB setup on a coyote.
Totally understand the LS option, plenty of power, small and light weight but doesn't have that magic noise when you stand on the throttle. Imagine two BDA's 12" behind your head. You can't stop smiling.