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    valve covers

    Can anyone tell me what period correct looking valve covers I can fit with my current header setup? Wondering if I can fit Westlake or similar? Any and all options are appreciated as I do not like the current valve covers.
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    Transaxle Transverse Sequential Gearbox by Supercar System

    My name is Michele Abbate and I work for Supercar System here in Las Vegas Nevada at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I want to share our all new patented transverse trans-axle sequential gearbox with you all to get some feedback. The purpose of this post is not to make sales or take preorders -...
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    Sequential trans

    Has anyone considered using a sequential trans in lieu of the Graziano, Ricardo or Mendeola options?
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    You now have to pay a $395 subscription with photobucket to copy and paste images onto 3rd party websites such as this.... thus posting on the forum becomes a no go for me. Any other options?
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    Mendeola vs G50/G96

    Looking for a transaxle for my project. I'm putting an LS7 in a 1992 Esprit. The engine will initially be stock but I would like to do some light mods down the road. My engine will make around 550hp and 500ft-lbs with a rev limiter of about 7200. What I'm looking for is a trans that will...