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Well I am having new larger diameter headers made now, and I can clear any valve cover. I like black with raw raised fins, do you sell the weslake eagle, moody or like covers in black? I have 1.6 rockers.


Nick, I have 1.6 shaft rockers with a .600 lift and no problem with clearance using the Gurney Weslake valve covers from Scott Calabro
The Weslake heads fitted to the later 40`s were a different shape and the Weslake valve covers widely used on 40 replica`s these days did not exist in period as far as I can remember. The original earlier 40`s that I saw had plain steel rocker covers, Kev Farrington

Eddy McClements

The real Gurney-Weslake heads were special castings and it's unlikely that their valve covers would fit a 289/302/351 head, though there are aftermarket covers with the Gurney Weslake logo cast-in which will fit. Info here:-
Gurney Weslake Homepage
I bought Holman-Moody covers for my car. They come gray with natural fin tops but you could call them about painting them with black. I also think they should be something period that set it apart from Cobra covers.


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