Mendeola vs G50/G96

Looking for a transaxle for my project. I'm putting an LS7 in a 1992 Esprit. The engine will initially be stock but I would like to do some light mods down the road. My engine will make around 550hp and 500ft-lbs with a rev limiter of about 7200. What I'm looking for is a trans that will match the output of this engine well. TI don't plan on tracking this car, it will mainly be used as a "fun cruiser" so its important for me to have a deep overdrive that will let me cruise below 2000rpm on the freeway.

I like how plentiful the porsche boxes are, and that they are 6 speeds but the ratios are not meant for a big torquey engine like I have. There doesn't seem to be any reasonably priced options either. The Mendeola is within my budget but I sorta dislike that it is only a 5 speed. The albins seems like the clear winner, and I love that there are a plethora of different gearsets and ring and pinions that can be installed. The Ricardo's used in the Ford GT's seem like a viable option too but they are so rare. Any other options or insight that I am missing here? I just discovered this forum and have alot more reading to do.\
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If you can afford it the Mendeola is the way to go. Don't get caught up in the "more gears is better" idea. With a reasonably light car and that amount of torque, 5 speeds is plenty.
Hasn't even heard of the RBT until now... Is there a way to convert it to the regular shift pattern I am familiar with? 1 3 5 up top?

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Call California Motor Sports and ask about the Porsche's you are interested in. There are many interesting gear selection options available for them. The thing about Porsches is there are 10s of thousands of them, plenty of parts, and several shops in the US that work on them.

Porsche transmissions, parts, service and manufacturing – California Motorsports Inc

My advice on gearbox/engine combos is select what you need in a gearbox, spend what you have to and then budget the engine. Not the other way around. An extra couple of grand spent on the gearbox/power train is much smarter than 2 thou more spend on a motor and then have the gear ratios wrong, an underrated weak gearbox, or rare and difficulty parts/repair issues. I would much prefer a 400hp motor in front of a carefully selected and suited gearbox than a 500hp motor driving a box full of gear ratio selection and reliability issues.

Include questions and discussion on limited slip options. No matter what anybody says, you will wish you had one when your car is complete. I prefer a torque biasing type like a Quaife but there are several other TBD's on the market.

Here's the webpage for the Porsche Quaife TBD for you information.

Porsche G50 / 996 / 911 '87 on / 930 5-speed '89 on ) / 993 / 968 Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential
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did Quaife get their design/quality issues worked out? They had some cracking problems in the cases, and there was some question about their ability to deal with big V8 torque. I don't have direct experience with this, but i remember there were definitely issues.


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I'm putting a Mendeola in mine. Not quite to first start yet but will post something when I get it rolling.

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did Quaife get their design/quality issues worked out? They had some cracking problems in the cases, and there was some question about their ability to deal with big V8 torque. I don't have direct experience with this, but i remember there were definitely issues.
Quaife only quoted 450 HP from memory

Hewland will handle more HP
SL-200 | Hewland


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Quaife also do their own purpose built transaxle which, from memory, I think they say is good for around 1000bhp and they do a slightly lesser rated one too. They are six speed and sequential. You can also easily change the ratios. Similar money to the RBT as I recall.
Jon, at the time I was having my SPF GT40 built, it was popular to use the new at the time Quaife transaxle. I chose the RBT because it is time tested, parts and service are readily available, and you get to select the ratios to suit your engine. It has performed perfectly behind a 440" 630hp motor for eight years now. For these reasons, I recommend the RBT. (BTW, I don't regret passing on the Quaife).

I've also got a primarily track/some street Porsche 930 with a 434" SBC that makes over 600hp. It has a 930 transaxle with limited slip that has never caused problems despite a huge number of track days on race slicks. So I'd also recommend the 930 transaxle as another, somewhat less expensive transaxle option for your car.



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I have a 2006 CAV and I am installing a Stage II Mendeola 5speed with 411 final gear in mine rated for 650hp. My car will have 600hp. I was told they run a bit long and might need some body trimming on the rear. I will post pics early next month when mine gets fitted. Trans, clutch, flywheel, linkage, mounting brackets I am at about 13-14k, but I found a lightly use on and rebuilding.

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You might also look into the Graziano transaxles, Jon. From what I've been told, they can be had with a variety of gears and are supposedly stronger than many other T/As even though they're a bit lighter than some. ('Found in Lambo, Audi, Aston Martin, et al. If memory serves, their 6-speed is about 3"(?) longer than a 5-speed RBT [if that's an issue].)

'Unit can be ordered from RCR:
Doesn't look like the OP ("Jon") has been on this thread since May 2017.....

Wonder how his project is going. I hope he got it done, or at least started. Easy for these projects to fall by the wayside.

I'm going on 5 years now on my Lotus SBF transplant project. Nearing completion......ton of work.