1. W

    New gt40 orders

    Seems to me that very few people are ordering new gt40's superformance? Cav? Bailey? When was the last time you saw a post about a new order? I see a few active power cars.. Are people loosing interest?? Are the cars becoming to expensive? Was it just a fad? Feel free to answer.. Walt
  2. Jkviper

    .903 Graziano Drop gear set order

    Just an FYI out to the community. I’ve been discussing the different options for gearing on the Graziano with John B. For my needs I am going with a .903 drop gear set which is a custom order. So, if anyone is interested in that specific ratio please reach out to him since the order is going in soon
  3. C

    Looking to order chassis this summer

    Technically I'm not a newbie having posted here about two years ago, but since then I've sold my 2nd Cobra, started building a third, got divorced and had two kids !! I'm hopeful that this summer I can place an order for a GT40 chassis. Just need to decide which. On my list I have Tornado...
  4. 9

    Swop two for one ......

    I require a Hewland LG 500 (4 or 5 gear) gearbox and have a Porsche G50 and ZF 5-25 gearbox in good order plus £s .. to swop for a reasonable condition one. Any one out there with one gathering dust please?
  5. M

    Project Plan

    Since this is about an RCR GT40 kit build, I will put this in this forum. OK, I can start by admitting that I have on occasion been accused of being too project focused, with that said, has anyone every put together a “project plan” for an RCR build? I of course have RCR’s manual and Chuck...
  6. C

    New GT40 on the way

    Time to introduce myself to the group. I recently finalized my order for P2388. A Superformance Mark I RHD, Sill shift, Widebody in Gulf colors. Timing should see the car in my hands (for install), May 2018. Still a few details (ok more than a few) to decide. At this stage a Roush 427IR is...
  7. Veek

    Receiving the order kit for the new Ford GT

    This is pretty impressive. 2017 Ford GT Order Kit Unboxing with Camilo Pardo - YouTube