1. S

    Looking for a GTD cable change

    Has anyone got a complete GTD cable change setup they would like to part with? Thanks Simon
  2. A

    MK I roof vent

    I want to add a roof vent to my MK I. I have the outside part, but not the interior box. Does anyone know where I can get one?? Thanks
  3. PeteB

    Part #s for idler pulleys

    Anyone know the part numbers for the idler and tensioner pulleys in the the RCR front dress kit? Thanks.
  4. D

    Emissions good news for the UK

    We've just received a call from the Department for Transport confirming that they will not proceed with the part of the emissions regulation proposals that affected kit cars. There were over 2000 responses to the consultation. A Department for Transport spokesperson said: “The UK’s...
  5. P

    Looking for a chevron b8 chassis

    Would like to build a chevron b8. Looking for chassis drawings ,rolling chassis,part built chassis.what have you?
  6. bill kearley

    Head light install

    A new thread, yup. I would like some ideas and or part numbers re the fitment of front head lights, buckets, addjusters and such. Part numbers and fotos would be a great help. Thanks Bill
  7. K

    ac belt part #

    does anyone know ac belt part# using ls3 motor
  8. R

    nostril panel wanted

    looking to buy nostril panel in USA does anyone have a supplier for this part in USA?
  9. W

    Early spec rear lights

    Hi All, Does anyone know the part number or make/type of the early 1965 spec twin rear light? Gelsco do have some on their website but it would be nice to know the part number. Here is a picture of what I am talking about. Thank you ! Tom
  10. B

    The Making of "The Italian Job"

    This is a wonderful behind the scenes look at a great movie (the original) The Making Of The Italian Job 1969 (This is the self preservation Society) - YouTube (part 1) The Making Of The Italian Job 1969 ( It's All About The Mini Coopers) - YouTube (part 2)
  11. P

    Audi 01X Indexing Sleeve/ Dowel Part Number needed

    The transaxle i had sent over from europe to the states didnt come with an alignment sleeve/ indexing dowel to assure proper alignment to the engine (or adapter plate in this case. Of course it came off a version of an A4 that wasn't available over here in the states and the parts guy cant...
  12. C

    Extended Lower Ball Joint part number?

    So as I approach my first “annual” and 5000 miles of street and track use, the suspension on my car will be the main area of scrutiny. Does anyone have the part number for the lower ball joint, with the extended stud, that will fit the RCR GT-40 LCAs? Any racers out there use the QA1’s or...
  13. R

    RHD Shift Linkage

    LHD Shift Linkage I posted this in the "Original GT40s" area but I might have better luck here with other SPF owners. Does anyone out there have pictures of their RHD shift linkage out of the car. How did SPF solve these problem? What does the spherical bearing look like installed in an SPF...
  14. R

    Shift linkage

    I could use some help. I'm building a shifter and it would be very helpful if I knew how long the cabin shift rod extends into the sponson past the spherical bearing mounted on the firewall. Length from the firewall to the centerline of the forward U-joint of part 31. Maybe someone out there has...