Audi 01X Indexing Sleeve/ Dowel Part Number needed

The transaxle i had sent over from europe to the states didnt come with an alignment sleeve/ indexing dowel to assure proper alignment to the engine (or adapter plate in this case.
Of course it came off a version of an A4 that wasn't available over here in the states and the parts guy cant look anything up and quite frankly his head almost exploded when i explained the situation.. wouldn't even look up an older 016 car either... no help!

anyone have a part number or cross reference? i know this is going tobe a tough ask!

If all else fails -- OD is 16mm, ID is~13mm X length of ~16mm
Tube suppliers should have this cut to length --job done :blank:
I have been looking around as that is a great idea... not many tubbing shops that arent online... but i will try Grainger... and i might just run by my local fad shop and see if they will cut me one. might be a little pricey but its the right way!
if i could find the part# i would have a buddy in europe send it- wouldnt be too hard and i have to figure they only used one size so there is probably one sitting at an audi dealer for sure.