Shift linkage

I could use some help. I'm building a shifter and it would be very helpful if I knew how long the cabin shift rod extends into the sponson past the spherical bearing mounted on the firewall. Length from the firewall to the centerline of the forward U-joint of part 31. Maybe someone out there has part 31 from the drawing laying around (lol) they could post a picture of with a tape measure next to it (it could happen). Also the length of the long portion of part 31.

It would also be helpful to know the downward angle of the rod in °.

Thanks for the help.


Richard, I to would love to know some of these details. I cant help at the moment but am trying to work out the same, so if I make any headway over the next few weeks I will let you know.

Regards Ryan
Looks like part 31 is a sub assembly, that is made up of a few components.
I was working on it from the other end.
dimensions of the 5DS25 are known, bell housing dimensions are also know, drawings for the ford block have been published here
Official Factory Guide to Building Ford Short-Track Power

so we know where the engine mount on the right hand side sits.

you can then get reasonably close so working out how wide the pad on the chassis needs to be

from here, you trying to snake the gear shifter from the transaxle, between the rear collar and the back of the engine mount plate through the hole in the chassis side on an angle.

Once you have the angle, it only needs to go as far as the inner width of the sill.
engine mounts are at different positions on each side of the block, however I think the chassis mounts were at the same points, so if you are swapping from one side to the other it should be ok.

think the centre of the chassis plate lines up with the bottom head bolt between cylinders 5 & 6
The u/j needs to be as close as possible to the spherical bearing (without actually touching) when the gear lever is pulled back into either 1st, 3rd or 5th. You are aiming to minimise the angles of the u/j's. Hope that makes sense.

If you dont want to build yourself, contact Mick at Southern GT. He has a great looking gear selector and rod setup...did not fit in my car unfortunately
Part 27 would be mounted to the firewall.
Make the rear box linkage then 31 ends up just being the bit in between to make the link is the way I would attack it.

31 being in top and lower drawing.
You will know how far 31 move for and aft once 40-41 are made and fitted.