1. soulcoaxer

    Sea Plane With A Difference . . .

    V8 500 H.P. Car Engine Powered. http://www.gt40zone.com/sea_plane.mp4 RE: GT40 Mrk 1 Gulf GT40 p2285|Media|Videos|Photos|Artwork
  2. J

    Porsche 996 GT3 powered SLC recently sold

    Is this an indication of the market or a "distress" sale? A California-certified and approved Porsche 996 GT3 powered SLC with approx. 100 miles just sold on BAT ("Bring-A-Trailer") for $68k! GT3-Powered 2012 Superlite Coupe | Bring a Trailer
  3. S

    Hello World, err GT40s World

    Hello all, I'm joining to become part of the community while learning more about GT40's and prepare myself for a build. I'm leaning towards an RCR kit, but who knows? I come from a long SBF powered history (and parts lol). The GT40 has been a childhood dream I've never grown out of. As far...