1. C

    Minimum fuel line size for 347 with EFI

    Just a quick question here - interested in folk's opinion on minimum fuel line size for a mild-ish 347 running 8 stack/multi-port EFI. My current system is plumbed with AN-6 and it just looks a little small to me. Fuel pressure is in the 60psi range with twin pumps and a fuel pressure...
  2. C

    FS USA Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 Fuel Pump

    -SOLD- Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 Fuel Pump I have a new Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 Fuel Pump, new, still sealed in the bag. Part # 29259, 140 gph, 12 psi max, 3/8 NPT From Summit: Mallory Comp Pump Fuel Pumps 29259 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing These Comp Pump...
  3. M

    Adding the Clutch Pressure Switch to the Wiring

    I am wondering how do you add the clutch pressure switch to the Infinity Wiring? I saw no mention of it in the information sent with the Infinity kit.
  4. PeteB

    A/C issues

    When the car is cold, the A/C is working correctly with low side pressure around 40 psi and vent air is 45 degrees with 85 degrees ambient air. However, after the car has been running for a while, the low side pressure is going to high (~60 psi), causing the trinary switch to disconnect the...
  5. H

    EFI change

    Currently have a ford 342 by roush with a 750 cfm. holly . The ignition is MSD electronic. I am tempted with the borla 8 stack efi Webber look like so being OCD about understanding the system before buying it wondered if I could get some corrective advice on the workings of the system. 1 ...
  6. L

    Fuel Pressure explained

    Nothing ground breaking here but this short article put a couple concepts together for me especially concerning Fuel pressure and injectors on forced induction systems and return vs returnless so I thought I'd share it... Fuel Pressure Explained
  7. Dan carter

    Stuck Brake Calipers?

    Has anyone experienced the residual pressure (2lb) valves holding enough pressure to engage the brakes sufficiently to limit wheel rotation (wheels are very, very hard to turn). I even disconnect the axle to isolate the wheel hub, etc. My back two wheels are being impeded by the brakes. So...