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    Project GTX

    Does anyone know what is going on with project GTX , did they finish the build.The car looked very good to me , well thought out and built.
  2. G

    Looking for T70 or GT40 project

    Looking for T70 or GT40 project in the US Preferable an unfinished car or incomplete kit Please send info to Grayleepool at I’m in Los Angeles California Thanks
  3. C

    New member!

    Ok, so plan on visiting Fran from RCR next week possibly with a deposit for a GT 40? A couple questions... does anyone have advise about convincing my wife why I need this project? Honestly And a easier question, with a Coyote would you recommend a ZF from RBT or maybe a Quaife? Chris
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    Cobra: Fresh FI BB (521ci), TKO600, Hardtop, Pin-Drives

    This is a small project for anyone looking for a 700 hp, well built, missile of a car! The engine (pump gas) is a forged FI 521 ci with Kaase ported SCJ heads and is coupled to a TKO600 trans (with a dual-disc clutch). The front suspension are tubular A-arms (with coil-overs both front and...
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    New Member

    Hello My name is Mark Simpson, I have recently purchased an unfinished Tornado project and will be starting the build when the weather improves and I can find a home the Lotus that is already in my garage. I have already spent many hours perusing this forum which has proved a valuable source of...
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    Gt40 project

    Looking for gt40 or lola t70 project or completed car. Any car of interest!
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    Hello from Italy

    Hi all, I'm following this forum from some years and just this summer I started to work to my own GT40 scratch build project (after one year spent in planning). It will be a quite long project and I hope to have a lot of fun. For the moment I'm still in the early construction stage for the...
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    New SLC owner

    Hi everybody. First of all thank you to fellow superlite slc owners for all the valuable info on this forum. I visited the factory in June, attended the factory five Cobra replica build school with my 12 year old son in order to see if a kit car build was a reasonable project for us, and...
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    Hello from another 917 scratch builder

    While I have great respect for GT40's and late model Ford GT's I am scratch building a 917 Porsche. You can view pictures of my project on flickr: 917 Porsche - Body Fabrication - a set on Flickr Dan in Minneapolis