Hello from Italy

Hi all,
I'm following this forum from some years and just this summer I started to work to my own GT40 scratch build project (after one year spent in planning).
It will be a quite long project and I hope to have a lot of fun. For the moment I'm still in the early construction stage for the chassis, but I want to share my project for getting your feedback as soon as it is in a better shape.
This forum is a gold mine for all the person interested on GT40. A huge thanks to everyone who has posted so many information, I hope to provide my small contribution in the near future.


Your English is FAR superior to my "no bene" Italiano! Where are you located? My family is from Pescasseroli in Abruzzo.
Thanks for your welcome. I'm located in Milan, my family is from a small town in between Milan and Turin but now I live here for my job.