1. Big-Foot

    FS USA Vintage Harrison Oil Cooler ((Sold))

    Im in the process of consolidating my shop to get ready for a cross-country move. Many things need to find suitable homes.Offered here is a Harrison Oil Cooler.Threads all appear to be in good order. No cracks or damage other than what's visible in the photos. It is a used part and will need a...
  2. N

    Radiator Vent Line

    I am working on installing my cooling system. I installed the radiator and I’m now adding the coolant tubes. Doing some research on this site, I now know that I need an expansion tank and an overflow tank. I’m planning on using a coyote motor (no disparaging comments please) and I don’t...
  3. M

    Radiator Fan Direction and Wiring

    Hello, I think I did enough research and reading to determine that the direction of the airflow through the radiator should be from front to back. In that case with my fans, that means that they are pulling air through the radiator. That is accomplished by putting the 12VDC signal into the...
  4. T

    Radiator Questions

    in the photo i have a radiator exactly like this one . i need to know what the large red screw on the right side is for and the small red screw on the top left and if it matters which side is hot and which is cold on the hoses. thanks tom
  5. Dan carter

    Radiator Venting Overboard

    Gents Ran the engine for the first duration run to check for proper engine cooling. I have a canton fill can with 16lb radiator cap. With the engine at 190 degrees, I note the overflow tube is releasing anti freeze. The hot side of the radiator is warm to the touch, the return side is very...
  6. Godspeed

    Cooling system concern

    When I purchased my car secondhand it came with a set of well made stainless steel tubes from the engine to the radiator. Now that I'm at the point of finalizing the cooling system I realized the tubes are backwards. The radiator outlet is at the top of the rad. The issue being any steam/ gases...