1. L

    Graziano vs. RBT

    'Tired of trying to get Google to cooperate: What is the difference in overall length between an RBT 5-gear transaxle vs. a Graziano 5-gear? Weight diff? Thanks...
  2. J

    locate RBT

    RBT site say 's they are no longer at Katella Ave. in range Ca. anyone know of new address and phone #?
  3. C

    Wanted: RBT 5 speed transaxle

    Wanted: RBT 5 speed transaxle. Contact Elliot at 941-468-0433 or [email protected]
  4. J

    RBT question

    Hi all :-). Does a new build RBT transmission have a serial number?
  5. B

    Gearbox Gal

    Hi there, My name is Blanche T. Sullivan (nickname "BLT") and, thanks to existing member Kenny J, I have finally joined the GT40 community! As the fairly new Director of Communications for RBT Transmissions / High Performance Gear, I am proud to be working with some of the finest people, such as...