Graziano vs. RBT

Larry L.

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'Tired of trying to get Google to cooperate:

What is the difference in overall length between an RBT 5-gear transaxle vs. a Graziano 5-gear? Weight diff?


Larry L.

Lifetime Supporter
I see that, as of this moment, there are 70 people who've evidently had no luck with Google either!

How does the Graziano fit in the RCR GT40 chassis if is 3" longer than the ZF? It seems like a great option for a 500+ HP/Ftlb engine, and is comparably priced to the RBT thanks to John. Can you mate this to an FE block and have the geometry work with the output shafts and aft subframe?
I think John B writes about, and HCF is a supplier in the USA of the Graz. He speaks of an L140 for the Audi R8. I've also read it called the V10. Not sure of the difference.
I appreciate the offer! RCR/SLC actually sell the Graziano for the SLC. So, they have them on hand to measure, and have an incentive to sell the units. I'm sure if it could be fit into the RCR40, they'd be selling them with that kit. Plus, they have told me directly that the Graz won't fit. Bummer, as I heard it's a great transaxle