1. S

    Pre Purchase Inspection Recommendation

    Hi all, First post to this forum and hopefully an owner of a GT40 in the very near future so please be gentle to a newbie :) I want to get a pre purchase inspection performed on a GTD and I’m looking for recommendations from this forum if possible. I’ve been through Fortyfication and...
  2. L

    Dad's New Toy Box

    Here is the start of my new 24 x 24 x 17 high 2 car garage I will keep everyone posted on the progress any recommendations are welcomed. And yes it will have a car lift getting to old to be crawling on the ground.
  3. R

    Bearing puller

    Think I need one of these. I need to get some rear wheel hubs and drive flanges. Currently don’t have one of these and I’m thinking that something like this would be a good addition to the tool box. This one is probably just a common import item, are these normally ok? Any recommendations...
  4. M

    Dual Fan Control

    In planning the electrical system, does anyone have any recommendations for the cooling fan control system?
  5. PeteB

    Car Cover recommendations

    Anyone buy a car cover for your SLC? What did you get?