Bearing puller

Think I need one of these. I need to get some rear wheel hubs and drive flanges. Currently don’t have one of these and I’m thinking that something like this would be a good addition to the tool box.
This one is probably just a common import item, are these normally ok? Any recommendations?

Regards Ryan

Randy V

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If the bearing you are pulling is just going to be trashed - I just cut the bearing apart with a wiz-wheel (carbide impregnated cutter), then score the inner race with the wiz-wheel and split the race with a cold chisel.
Then I use a hydraulic press to install the new bearings.
I just got done doing a pair of these on axles for my street rod.


That unit "can" be handy -- the hydraulic ram is too slow and not much travel and the extension bars that screw into the clamp plate are a BSF thread and usually break off
I picked up a TTI version from total tools.
Will see how it goes

Had a chance to get out of the office/central business district yesterday unexpectedly so made the day count.
Off to motor book world now to get me a Ronnie.