Here is the start of my new 24 x 24 x 17 high 2 car garage I will keep everyone posted on the progress any recommendations are welcomed. And yes it will have a car lift getting to old to be crawling on the ground.
Ok the Township Approved my veraence for the garage build so the Amish builders will be here middle of March and hopefully done in a couple of weeks so I can finish the interior prior to the RCR GTR showing up in June
Very happy for you... The amish do quality work.. A lift is a must, it will save you a lot of pain and make the job that much easier. Enjoy the build, there is plenty of support here.
Doc I promise once we start the build weather permitting I will take pictures and yes a two post car lift is coming I am getting to old and to fat to be crawling on my back like the last build
DOC here is the final signed off drawing, the Amish should be down next Thursday to start.


  • 1-story 12 ft. walls 24'x24' garage (PA Kishel) 2-19-18.pdf
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Congrats, Larry. Just a recommendation on lift. I have the Bendpak two post XPR-10AS for 3+ years now and no issues. It was ~$2800 and I installed it with the help of a few friends, pizza, and beer. Everyone has their own desires in a lift, but this is a reasonably priced, solid performer. Good luck!
Best thing about having the Amish around for any length of time is they leave you with fertilizer for the garden.

Let the fun begin a day and a half in and the Amish are almost done


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Ok before I go and buy light fixtures for my new garage I am asking for your opinion on the best lighting options. Right now I was going to use three 8 ft LED fixtures for each bay. The garage is 24ft x 24ft x 13ft high bays one side will have a 2 post lift the other will be shop tools and equipment.
Steve actually going with a Mitsubishi Hyper unit heating and cooling 21,000 btu heating and 18,0000 cooling 1.5 ton these units do remarkable well and have come a long way plus no need for ductwork and most use a 220 v 20 amp breaker you can't tell I do this for a living can you

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Looking really nice Larry.
Please share info on the LEDs along with your review as a bunch of us could probably use more light!