1. JBurer

    FS USA V10 Graziano gearbox and release bearing

    I have a spare V10 Graziano from a Lamborghini Gallardo and a release bearing that will work with both the V8 Audi and V10 gearboxes. Both are brand new. Gearbox is $12,000 and the release bearing is $1,000. Please email at [email protected] if interested! Thanks! John
  2. P

    How much GT40 Superformance?

    Hello the latest release of the Shelby Registry dates from 2008, since it was built many Superformance GT40, do you know how many? of MK1? of MK 2? thank you
  3. Silver66fb

    Explain This Clutch/Transaxle Behavior

    Gents, I have an SPF40 Mark II, with Roush 427SR, Quaife transaxle. I'm using the Quartermaster release bearing (721100 model), from Olthoff. When I really get on the accelerator and while the rpms are relatively high, I have trouble getting the car out of gear with the clutch pedal all the...
  4. D

    Porsche 930 Trans Stuff

    Hello Gents, as it has been a few years since selling off the race car I have not been on here much. However I have been cleaning around the shop and stumbled upon some things that maybe someone here can use. Here's the catch......I don't want anything for this stuff as I have gotten much...
  5. K

    WTB 016 clutch release arm

    Hi guys on the hunt for an Audi 016 clutch release arm to go in the bell housing. release bearing carrier as wont go astray. any leads appreciated cheers John