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  • Hi Kaspa, have a look at GDcars.com, they do LS powered T70s. Spider is 900kg and the Moda T70 is 1000kg.
    Kind regards, Gus.
    if its any help I was smoking somewhere near 60 per day in 2007. Apparently I had a major heart attack though I never felt anything but it resulted in 5 bypasses plus another 2 bypasses in 2015. They took me into the local hospital which is quite good for most heart problems but they transferred me into London with a police escort leading the way
    as the local docs said it was too major. They asked me in th ambulance if I smoked and I said "Not any more".
    Have I put you off smoking yet?
    I stopped instantly and never ever felt any pangs for any nicotine. Have a go - keep busy with other things especially going to places where smoking is forbidden. You'll be OK ESPECIALLY IF THOSE AROUND YOU don't talk about how long it's been. Have a go - you only have your health to consider -others can disappear.
    Dave M
    HI John, not sure if you've bought your Jerico 4 speed yet but I'm selling mine. I put a sequential shifter on it and simply couldn't get it to work properly for me so after blowing another diff I've decided to upgrade my whole drivetrain including diff and GB. You're welcome to come up and have a look at it in the car or out of it if I've pulled it by then.

    I'm changing to a Modena 6 speed sequential.

    If interested give me a call on 0408 zero 55 nine 55.

    Kindest regards
    Hi mate I save all my pics to my photo bucket acc then all you do is copy the image url for the pic you want to put in your post then paste it in, and it will show as the url text in the thread, then when you post it there will be your pic, magic.

    cheers John
    Hey John, Something I have been meaning to ask you for while, How do you post the full size photos on your thread, I did it once by accident and never been able to do it again, I hate waiting for the little pictures to grow up LOL
    Cheers Leon
    Hi Mate now i didnt get a reply, was thinking you'd either died or was stuck up in new guinea

    Hi John, I got your message the other day but not sure if I replied to it the right way and now I can't find any trace of it. Let me know if you got it.

    Cheers Leon
    Hi, along with greet me know if you still have for sale the plans to build the replica WSC Stanton subaru engine.

    I hope your comments, thanks.
    Hi Brian i'm retired and up on the sunshine coast just north of Brisbane, well when I say retired I still have a shed and build things like replica 24's for some thing to do, i'm presenty on the final stages of a scratch built lotus seven powered with a 1600 Toyota 20v, seems a shame for the 24 to go over seas, but I understand, I think Malcom Oastler has the sister car no 5 if I remember correctly.

    good to hear from you and good luck at the corkscrew.

    cheers John
    Hey John. I'm in Sydney. The cars here (and a lot of bikes). Have just sent BT24-1 off to the US last week. Will run it at Laguna Seca then plan to sell it. Stopped racing two years ago after my newest daughter arrived. Have sold my works BT23C-1 locally. Interest in the BT24 here has been people hoping to buy it cheap and flog it off overseas. I owned the 23C for 33 years and 24 for 16 years. Your creation looks pretty nice. How does it go?

    I got the GT40 to ease my withdrawal symptoms. It's been well put together but needs a little TLC. Made new seats so I fit with a helmet on. I think it was wired by an Irishmen. Have had a couple of runs at Eastern Creek. Handles surprisingly well. Don't like the gearchange (rod system) - weird pattern, which could be faulty geometry. I'm used to Hewland transaxles, so contemplating a switch to ZF - first step is to find one!

    Sorry about the rambling. What do you do? Sounds like something interesting. Where are you?


    Looks like my attempts to add a pic failed. I'll try to post one in reply to one of your forum messages! Cheers Brian
    John The pic of your race car caught my eye. Was it a 1967 Brabham in an earlier life? I have Jack's 1967 Repco BT24-1, which gets raced a lot and have just sold the ex-works 1967 BT23C-1 F2 car. I'll try to insert a pic.
    Hi mate X mass was crap, spent it in hospital with diverticulitis, they let me come home fri. still tyring to recover from the massive drug over doses they gave me. talk soon
    cheers John
    Hi John , I see you are on the site this morning, how was your christmas. I out of here and back to Brizzy in the morning, will give you call.
    Cheers Leon.
    Hey Kaspa,
    Greetings from California!
    I'm interested in getting in touch with you regarding your awesome Stanton WRC-95. I am wondering if you are still making available for purchase the CAD data you used to fabricate the rolling chassis of this vehicle? Feel free to email me at [email protected] to discuss.
    Kaspa I noticed your address is now in OZ. Is your car here or still in NZ I still have a project like yours in the back of my mind.

    DRB 46
    Thanks for the reply, just as an explanation I built the 40 as a road car but as i have done a lot club motor sport in years gone by i thought a clubman would be easy and fun to build and compete in but the thought of building something like you car as a club racer and road car looks very inviting but i for now have to finnish of the 40 than build the browny point bank up with my better half. I am going to speek to Trevor Booth regarding the process to register something like a LMP car if he is positive i will look you up maybe slip over the pond and have a look at your car, but that would be some time in the future once agian thanks for your reply, Darrell Peattie.
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