WTB 016 clutch release arm

Hi guys on the hunt for an Audi 016 clutch release arm to go in the bell housing.
release bearing carrier as wont go astray.
any leads appreciated
cheers John
As typical with wreckers they wont separate , will only sell a complete trans, so i'm still in the poop. I have a part number, which is ex Germany for an arm and a leg, but I also require a throw out bearing, and Audi Aus cant or wont do anything with out a Vin Number.
talk about really helpful NOT.
cheers John
Hi Mate well I did that and they have everything from arm to release bearing, retainer springs etc but by the time you add all the separate bits up and then add freight i'd need Donald Trumps credit card to afford it.
bit of a shame as if I had of know this stuff was missing from the box I wouldn't have brought it, so now I have a 5 speed paper weight.
cheers John

Cliff Beer

John, just a bit of a side note here - the 016 release arms came in two versions.....a cast steel version and a stamped steel version . The stamped isn't very strong, and can flex and crack and break over time. You want the cast version.

I got lucky and found a cast version NOS from an audi dealership in the US here. Unfortunately, all the old audis of the 016 vintage seem to be long gone from wreckers yards. You could try the audi forum here however: AudiWorld - Audi News and Discussion and Audizine. Somebody there will have some release arms laying around.