1. RichardH

    UN1 Rod Change Reverse Gear Lockout

    Having had a look around without any luck, does anyone know where i can get a reverse gear lockout plate/mechanism. Reverse on mine is left and back. I have seen the Tornado cable mechanism, but would rather a selector guide plate incorporating a reverse gear latch of some form. Any ideas?
  2. H

    Renault Un1 Albins one piece shaft + dog gear sets

    Hello Gents. I am wondering if anybody is interested in going thirds on a set of three gear sets I have ordered from Albins. Naturally I'm taking one for myself so the other two are up for here's the details: Custom one piece shaft with Ford 1" 23 spline Dog engagement...
  3. S

    Wanted - Renault UN1 Gearbox

    Hi, I am looking for a Renault UN1 gearbox to use as a base in which to fit a Quaife gear kit and LSD. Any offers greatly appreciated. Thanks. Steve
  4. Andy Sheldon

    Chevy V8 small block to Renault bellhousing

    We now have a version of our cast aluminium bellhousing to adapt the small block chevy V8 engine to fit the Renault gearbox. The kit consists of a high quality bellhousing cast in LM 25 and heat treated, engine plate, modified clutch arm and a fixings pack. The bellhousing will fit Renault...