UN1 Rod Change Reverse Gear Lockout

Having had a look around without any luck, does anyone know where i can get a reverse gear lockout plate/mechanism. Reverse on mine is left and back. I have seen the Tornado cable mechanism, but would rather a selector guide plate incorporating a reverse gear latch of some form.

Any ideas?
Mick at Southern GT makes a cracking gear shift with lockout plate for the UN1 rod system, work of art.
i know. I have seen it :). But I have all the rod shift, etc. all I would like is the lockout plate to alleviate the problem.
~It is also "upside down".
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Ian Anderson

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Brian Magee made one on my car
Simple aluminium bent to follow sill shape
Hole cut in middle
And a lift over spring held gate

I’ll take pics

Andy Green

Hi Richard,
I did mine as attached. The arm’s made of 1mm stainless and it slightly sprung so it locks under head of the fastener next to it


Following the above.... Has anyone made a lift-up type lock out function, similar to those used on lots of modern cars?